The best classroom

It feels like we are not doing anything remotely academic at the moment, which isn’t quite true as Tabitha has been enjoying tracing letters in a wipe-clean workbook and Aaron has been doing Mathseeds nearly every day. But we are spending a lot of time with family or outdoors, because summer will be gone all too soon. Today we went to Marwood Gardens, armed with binoculars, magnifying glass and an I-spy countryside book. We talked about bees, damselflies and ripples. We saw a baby moorhen, lots of ducklings and a buzzard. We felt different textures of tree bark. We spotted flowers for every colour of the rainbow. Aaron and Tabitha pretended to be a king and a princess in a tree stump “castle” and ran around defeating “baddies”. They are experiencing life and the world around them, and right now I think that’s more valuable than any academic subject they could be studying.

P1080054 P1080060 P1080068 P1080075 P1080077 P1080081 P1080086 (1) P1080092 P1080112 (1) P1080114 P1080127 P1080135 P1080147

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