Colour mixing

Thanks to Ellie at Create with your hands for the inspiration for this activity, which has been on my mental to-do list ever since I saw her post. Today I finally got round to buying some pipettes and setting up this invitation.


The children were hot, tired and grumpy after a long walk and this was the perfect calming activity. Water seems to be very soothing for children!


It took Tabitha a while to get the hang of using the pipettes, but she managed after several demonstrations. She and Aaron spent ages filling their little pots with different colour combinations.

P1070127 (1)

Unfortunately I only had natural red food colouring in the cupboard. We knew from past experience that it does not mix well with blue, for some reason it tends to go green rather than purple. We even nipped out to the shops in search of some non-natural colouring but they didn’t have any. It was rather frustrating but I couldn’t help seeing the irony, as normally I would be thrilled to see mainstream shops selling “natural” products! I’ll have to search further afield so we can try this again with a proper red.


One thought on “Colour mixing

  1. Allison Healy

    Just wondering what the trays are called that the children are putting the colours into and where can I get them.


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