DIY Montessori Touch Tablets and other activities

I found these sanding blocks in the hardware section and immediately thought they would make great touch tablets! The fine, medium and coarse foam blocks were 80p each, whilst the cork blocks were a bit more expensive at £1.60 each. The whole lot cost me £8, which is still a lot cheaper than buying a set of touch tablets!


The children were blindfolded (although I think there was a bit of peeking going on!) and had to touch the blocks with their fingers to try and match them. The medium and coarse blocks were the hardest to tell apart.


I came across this practical life activity using a spatula to flip items on a Montessori course I am doing. It is great for wrist strength and rotating the wrist. I made the egg out of white and yellow craft foam, but you could also use container lids, beanbags, or anything flat.


This peg activity was really set up for younger toddlers but Tabitha enjoys it too. I’ve since added some hinged pegs to make it more suitable for a wider age range. Good for promoting a pincer grip and exercising the little muscles of the hand, as well as hand-eye coordination.


I set up an invitation with a basket of shells and a sorting dish. This was popular with Tabitha, who spent a long time deciding which pile each shell belonged to, as well as my 17 month old mindee, who enjoys filling and emptying containers at the moment.


One thought on “DIY Montessori Touch Tablets and other activities

  1. lindart1

    Great post! What a way to “think outside the box” with those touch tablets! Don’t worry about the peeking, at some point they will challenge themselves to do it without peeking!
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