Forward-facing bookshelves

Our bookshelves in the schoolroom have been getting rather full. The children have been pulling the books out and scattering them all over the floor just so that they can see them better! It was time to do something about it, but I’m rather fussy about having forward-facing bookshelves for them. Unfortunately my bank balance isn’t quite as enthusiastic about the idea!

So instead of buying expensive shelving, we bought two of the cheapest narrow bookcases from Argos. Then my wonderful hubby set to work modifying them.

My original idea was to use lengths of round dowelling and fasten each end into the holes for adjusting the shelf height. Colin didn’t think that would be sturdy enough, so instead he nailed strips of quarter dowelling to the edges of the shelves.

Here’s a closer look. The only thing I would change about it would be to put the edging further back for the top shelf, as otherwise the smaller books tend to lean back too far.

This bookcase is in Aaron’s bedroom.

And this one is in Tabitha’s room.

I’m pretty pleased with the result and it will be easy to convert them back into normal bookcases when they are older.

Forward-facing bookshelves encourage children to read more, as they can see the covers of the books rather than just the spines. It’s also easier for young children to put the books on and off the shelves. Here are some other ideas for making your own forward-facing bookshelves:

Mini bookshelves

Rain gutter book shelves (yes I know I’ve linked to these before but I just love the idea, and as I can’t have any in our house I’ll have to make do with linking instead!)

Five easy ways to build your own forward-facing bookshelf

Easy front-facing picture book display shelves

2 thoughts on “Forward-facing bookshelves

  1. My Oatmeal Kisses

    I just came over from The Imagination Tree. I love this idea of making your own forward facing shelves! Many teachers would FLIP over this idea. I’m keeping my eyes out for a narrow bookshelf so we can add this to our home! Beautiful Blog!


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