Icy play on a very hot day

We went out on the balcony this morning to plant some sunflower seeds and transplant our tomato seedlings, but the sun was too hot to spend long outside. So I washed some bedding and hung up the sheets to provide a bit of shade, and decided that we needed something nice and cold to do this afternoon.

I filled two ice cube trays with plain water and another two trays with water and food colouring. Aaron and I went for a short walk to pick some flowers and we put those in a muffin tray and covered them with water. Then we put everything in the freezer for a few hours.

I got the old baby bath out of the loft, took it out onto the balcony and tipped all the ice cubes into it. The ice cubes with food colouring weren’t quite frozen all the way through like the others, so unfortunately the colours mixed together straight away. Colin looked a bit of a shocked when he came to see what we were doing as it had turned a rather bloody colour!

The children played with the ice for a long time, fishing it out, passing it to each other and dropping it back in.

Tabitha tested the ice with her mouth a couple of times but wasn’t that interested in trying to eat it. Aaron, on the other hand, crunched up loads of ice cubes so next time I think I’d better use less food colouring!

Putting the ice cubes back into the trays was a fun challenge.

When they had had enough of just playing with the ice, I gave Aaron a small bowl of salt to sprinkle in.

Then we got out a couple of wooden spoons and they spent a while stirring it all around.

It was very easy to clean up, I just tipped it all into the shower tray and washed everything down until we were just left with some bedraggled flowers! We’ll definitely have to do this activity again, it was lots of fun.

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15 thoughts on “Icy play on a very hot day

  1. Jamie

    What a fun experience for the kids! And a great way to get the little ones involved!! So much fun!

    I featured a few baby/toddler activities on It’s Playtime this week, so make sure you check those out and get more great ideas like this one!

    Oh, I’m gonna share this on FB too🙂

    Jamie @ hands on : as we grow

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